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Fine Art Wedding Photographer


“Photography is what I life for, so I never work a day in my life.”

- Chusakun T.


Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. My photography style is natural and is truly worth a thousand words. I specialize in capturing my clients liveliness as well as creating dramatic backdrops. That is why I compose every photo with intricate detail and composition.



Donudes artistic ability enables me to enhance the appearance of the subject creating an impression of luminous beauty. Much like how an artist paints their masterpiece, I personally paint each photo with dedication.  Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience. That is why I articulate a spiritual relationship in my photography. I live to capture the emotions of the human body and their environment. If you are looking for the finest quality and a unforgettable experience, Donudes Photography is perfect for you.

Ko Samui, Thailand

A truly romantic and ideal location for your dream wedding.
Ko Samui is the perfect tropical paradise for anybody looking to get away and experience a unique melting pot of countless cultures. Samui is best known for its gorgeous beaches, mountainous rainforests and exotic nightlife. It is also home to many of the top hotel destinations of Thailand. Samui is Thailand’s second largest island, located southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. The climate consists of a tropical savanna which is warm and humid most of the year.

Wedding Styles

Individual style is never right or wrong, its about being yourself.
Traditional Thai Wedding

Thailand has long practiced a traditional Thai wedding. In fact, many Westerns choose to have a Thai wedding  ceremony when married in Thailand. As you may know, Thailand is a country which has long been primarily Buddhist. Though you do not need to Buddhist yourself to partake in the ceremony. It is important to disclose that traditionally Buddhist monks may be present during the wedding day to bless the couple and grant merit. This tradition is a non-religious affair and is open to all cultures and religions. It is also important to note that performing this blessing does not provide legal status of marriage. For that to take place, there will be an Amphur Officer present who will have the bride and groom sign an official government document certifying marriage. During the ceremony the monks will recite prayers as well as chant with a fixed candle inside of a bowl of water. The water used for the prayers will later be used to bless the bride and groom. It is also tradition to offer monks food before leaving the ceremony. This whole process will only take about 1 hour and after the monks will return to the temple.

Luxury Wedding

Luxury is often associated with the wealthy and privileged. I find this stereotype to be wrong. Luxury weddings are a new concept of celebrating the luxury of life and not the praise of material possessions. Our lives are so often made of repetitive routines that we do not have a chance to celebrate and honor the importance of life. This new concept of luxury weddings are just as exciting as any other ceremony, but focus on the acknowledgment of natural beauty and the love of the couple. Luxury style weddings are always open to new ideas and international locations. Knowing this, Donudes is committed to creating your dream wedding with your love and its luxury at its center.

Elopement Style Wedding

Eloping typically means your running away, just the two of you. Elopement style weddings are truly a practical wedding style because there is normally no ceremony or audience, just your lover. Though it is not uncommon to have a small audience present before the actual elopement. Elopement has become very popular, especially for younger couples looking for a less stressful and hassle free wedding day. Most couples feel that having an elopement before engaging in a big wedding relieves enormous pressure put on by family or other loved ones. Some couples also prefer to elope to abstain disapproval from parents or religious constraints. Whether your on a short time schedule or on a budget, elopement is becoming more cost efficient and swift. Elopement style weddings can be planned as short as 24 hours before and usually cost about 10 percent of the average wedding. This is turn gives you more time to focus on the location and the love for your partner. When you choose to elope your options are truly endless! Couples may elope anywhere in the world and do not need to be formal, though you may choose too.  Overall, elopement style weddings are a simple-yet-sophisticated way to marry the one you love.



Donudes understands weddings are a once in a lifetime experience, that is why you deserve the perfect photographer in beautiful Ko Samui, Thailand.

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